When it comes to marketing, we’re kind of a big deal.

Increasing customers, conversions and clicks with award winning media strategies from a full service marketing company.

About Us


Our experienced team of marketing specialists and technical engineers work to create the perfect customer experience that results in higher traffic. Taking your brand to the next level is what we’re all about. Ready for disruption in your category? Take charge of your brand’s change. Increase your profile, your customers and your position with the Abacus Interactive.

Marketing Strategy and Execution

Building brands into the superstars they could be doesn’t happen every day, unless you are working with the Abacus Interactive Marketing.

Data-Driven Design

Cutting-edge web design with style that improves your ROI. Mobile-first, responsive and on the mark.


Full Suite of Business Services

From web design services to seo and paid search Abacus Interactive marketing means business for small business.

Our Services


Implementing our expert SEO efforts for your company results in more traffic and better conversions.

Web Design Services


Creating the prefect combination of technical details and look and feel.


Creating a cohesive marketing strategy is one of the biggest influences to success.


Mastering the chaos of bidding on PPC is a breeze when we manage your paid search campaigns.


Position yourself as the expert in your field. Improve the awareness and recognition for your brand.


Email marketing opens up another avenue to communicate with your customer. We’ll be there to make sure you close the deal.

Increasing clicks, ROI and customers all at the same time.